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Please note that organisations and companies named in the sample business tours are for ‘example’ only.  Each visit request would be subject to approval and availability of their executives at the time of your tour.  Please ‘click’ on the sample tour title to see more detail of the possible itinerary

However you may wish to Build Your Own Tour by selecting from the variety of sectors and topics.

Tour 1
'Small Country - Great Nation'

Governance & Institutions

This is a general Study Tour. We aim to give our visitors a comprehensive overview of Scotland's governance and economic structure in their European context. The precise itinerary and organisations visited can be altered to meet your specific interests.

Day 1 would be spent in Edinburgh, home of the Scottish Parliament and its executive offices.  On day 2 the tour would visit relevant organisations in Glasgow and the West of Scotland - traditionally the industrial heartland of the nation, now a vibrant centre of innovation & technology. more >>


Tour 2
'Scottish Business - a fine blend'

Traditional Industries

For this programme, we have suggested a 'fine blend' of Scotland's traditional businesses combined with a flavour of our industrial heritage.

This tour is tailored for small to medium sized groups, according to specific interests, who would like to gain a broad knowledge of Scotland’s commercial strengths in a relatively short time.  The first day would be spent studying economic strategy with appropriate visits in the Glasgow area. On day 2, visits would include traditional industries and historical sites in and around Edinburgh. more >>


Tour 3
“The Cutting Edge”

Modern Industries & Innovation

In recent years, technology has led Scotland's growth with exciting new developments in micro-electronics, biotechnology and creative industries. This tour is focused on Scotland’s East Coast.

The tour starts in Livingston, one of Scotland’s five” New Towns”, you would then travel North East across Fife to the ancient university town of St Andrews and the ‘City of Discovery’ - Dundee.

Day two would be based in Aberdeen, the ‘The Energy Capital of Europe’ and will include an overview of the offshore industry and the associated technologies.

The return journey to Edinburgh could take in examples of hydro-electric schemes, renewable energy developments and agencies involved in preserving Scotland’s magnificent natural environment. more >>


Tour 4
‘My word is my bond’

Legal and Financial sectors

We have created this tour to give the visitors an insight into the special legal and financial systems that make Scotland unique.

Scots Law differs from the rest of the UK and, being based on Roman Law, is in many ways more akin to other European countries.

The tour would start in Edinburgh, as the main financial service centre in Great Britain outside London, with the headquarters of major banks, insurance companies and fund managers based there. On day two we would travel to Glasgow, currently developing an international financial district on the banks of the River Clyde more >>