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What can we do for you?

Business Tours Scotland has been created to fulfil the needs of media, business, government and academic visitors to Scotland by designing bespoke tours to meet their individual requirements.

  • Are you the decision-maker responsible for the destination and subject matter of study tours? We can ensure that your visit to Scotland will be relevant and memorable.

  • Are you or your company receiving external visit requests in Scotland? We can take on the burden of arranging the programmes for you. 

  • Are you a PCO or conference manager? If so, we can add value to you or your clients’ events by arranging associated sectoral visits following the business sessions.


With many years experience arranging visit programmes and media tours, we have the knowledge and established personal contacts to ensure that the time spent in Scotland is to your best advantage. Find out more about our team.

We‘ve prepared four sample tours to give a flavour of possible programmes. These can be extended or reduced in duration, depending on the amount of time you and your colleagues will have in Scotland.

Use our "build your own tour" page to enquire about itineraries for specific business sectors or topics.