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Why Scotland?


Scotland's history is rich, varied and colourful. Its people have travelled the world, spreading a first-class reputation for education, inventiveness, and innovation.

At home these qualities continue to be developed through a rich mix of culture and education throughout the country.

Whether you are interested in government structures, economic development, new technologies or academic research - you'll find opportunities galore within Scotland. 

If you're thinking about Scotland as a potential business opportunity, you will no doubt have questions such as:

Why Scotland?  What are the facts? What other organisations have already seen Scotland's business benefits? 

Look no further - Business Tours Scotland will work with you to create a fact-finding mission that really delivers the answers and make the introductions to potential business partners.


Some of the unique features, which make Scotland unrivalled for study visits :

  • The most developed British example of devolved government in action - the Scottish Parliament
  • A strong economic development system
  • Striking examples of innovation and industrial restructuring
  • Many years of maximising returns from EU funds and international trade links
  • Highly regarded health care and education systems
  • A unique and world-renowned financial services sector and legal system
  • Sustainable development in environmentally sensitive and sparsely populated areas name but a few!

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